Indoor cycling is no joke! The benefits are endless! Maybe you love bike riding, but you’d rather stay indoors because of the weather. Maybe you’re looking for a setting to help you stay motivated during your workouts. Or you’re looking for a new feeling workout! Whatever your reasons for cycling are, these are the 5 things that indoor cyclers can’t live without:

1. Proper Attire
Whether you’re new or experienced in working out, workout clothes are the #1 important thing to think about! While you might wear typical running shoes to the gym, indoor cycling is a little bit different! Wearing running shoes to your class won’t be bad, but you’ll get a better ride in if you wear clip in shoes! Shimano has a good line of cycling shoes and you can shop for them here. Wearing dry-wick clothing is also a good idea to wear, as you’ll want to get a good sweat in and you’ll be more comfortable if you’re not drenched! Being comfortable is ideal, so a sweatband and/or towel would also be great to bring along!

2. Bike Seat Pad
It’s important that your bike is set up to fit your body from the start, because that ensures you’ll ride in proper alignment, which reduces the likelihood of injuries! If you’re a beginner and/or have spine or lower back injuries, bringing a bike seat pad is a great idea for you! They provide a little more comfortability and widen the seat a little bit! This bikeroo cushion is a great example!

3. Hydration
Making sure you’re hydrated during your cycle class is a high priority. You lose fluids when you are cycling vigorously, because to lower your body temperature, you start sweating! The best way to learn your individual sweat rate is to weigh yourself before and after a ride. If you weigh less afterward, you should be drinking a bit more; if you weigh more, you should cut back to avoid overhydration! This is a great water bottle you can bring along that will keep your drink cold!

4. Heart-Rate Monitor
A heart rate monitor is an essential piece for any person who wants to track their cycling fitness! It can be used to ensure that the intervals are ridden at the correct intensity. The data can also indicate when it’s time to take a break! There are a few heart rate monitors you could use, but we like this Wahoo chest strap the best.

5. Bike Set Up Specs
If you don’t set up the bike to fit your needs, you’ll be uncomfortable the entire time. When you first get in the bike, make sure you familiarize yourself with where the knobs and adjustments are. Then, raise or lower your saddle height! After you find the comfortable fit, you’ll want to move the saddle forward or backwards to adjust the distance of your seat from the handlebars. Play around with different adjustments until you feel like you fit!

You can also join the Vortex community and ride in a friendly non-competitive environment. Vortex is Portland’s premier indoor cycling studio where you can achieve your fitness goals with trained instructors. There are no level or ability requirements as everyone is welcome. Try a free ride to see how beneficial their rides are for your health.

Vortex Cycle Studio

Phone: 503-297-3479

4710 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
Portland, OR 97225

Vortex Cycle Studio

4710 SW Scholls Ferry Rd,
Portland, OR 97225, USA
Phone: 503-297-3479

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