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About Vortex Cycle Studio Portland OregonTime flies at Vortex Cycle Studio! We promise you will, ‘Get Sucked In.’

Each 50 minute class begins on your own state of the art spin bike, led by a certified professional instructor playing a variety of upbeat energizing songs through a series of simulated rides. The class ends with a cool down of hand weights and stretches. The lighting is low allowing you to work at your own pace and let the stress of the day fade away.

  • You will burn an average of 400-800 calories during every class.
  • You will strengthen and tone your legs, arms, core and buttocks.
  • You will improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Our goal at Vortex Cycle Studio is to build a community and serve our clients on their own personal fitness journeys. We offer a place that is comfortable, inviting and fun for beginners, seasoned cyclists and die-hards alike.

Stick with us and your body and spirit will be transformed!

Amenities include



Air Conditioned Studio

Water Filtration System

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Killer Customer Service

Meet Steph Auerbach – Owner of Vortex Cycle Studio

After walking by the cycle room at the gym for months, I finally had the nerve to take a class, and 6 years later…Vortex Cycle Studio was born! All it took was the confidence and drive to get rid of my preconceived notions about the class and get on that bike! Needless to say, I was hooked immediately. I loved the music, I loved the work-out, I loved how it made me feel…so much so, that I decided to become a certified cycle instructor myself.

Teaching on and off for years, while also being a parent and having a full-time job, I finally decided to share my love of indoor cycling to my community. Knowing how little time we have for ourselves, I wanted to give clients a real bang for their buck in a 50 minute class. Oh, and did I mention having fun too!

See you in the Vortex!

Vortex Cycle Studio

Phone: 503-297-3479

4710 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
Portland, OR 97225

Vortex Cycle Studio

4710 SW Scholls Ferry Rd,
Portland, OR 97225, USA
Phone: 503-297-3479

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