The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Feeling Good

One of the main reasons people start out on a fitness journey is to feel good about themselves. Getting back into shape is only part of the equation. To get your body in good shape, you have to get your mind in shape as well. As you begin to regain your health, you...

Top 10 Myths About Indoor Cycling

You don’t have to know how to ride a bike down a city street or along a country roadside to enjoy indoor cycling. Indoor cycling classes are designed to benefit cyclists at any level to boost your muscle endurance, improve your heart health, and help you shed...

Why We Love Weight Loss (And You Should Too!)

Today you see weight loss programs everywhere you look, on social media sites, TV advertisements, magazine articles and more. Everyone is concerned about looking their best and feeling good. But how do you choose the right weight loss program that will achieve the...

5 Tools That Indoor Cyclers Can’t Live Without

Indoor cycling is no joke! The benefits are endless! Maybe you love bike riding, but you’d rather stay indoors because of the weather. Maybe you’re looking for a setting to help you stay motivated during your workouts. Or you’re looking for a new feeling workout!...

Exercise Makes You Smarter! Here’s How:

Exercise Makes You Smarter! Here’s How: Everyone knows that exercise is beneficial for the heart and essential for maintaining an ideal weight. Regular exercise helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and can actually reduce your risk of becoming a diabetic. Many people...

Vortex Cycle Studio

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Vortex Cycle Studio

4710 SW Scholls Ferry Rd,
Portland, OR 97225, USA
Phone: 503-297-3479

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