Frequently Asked Questions

What is indoor cycling?

Indoor-cycling is a calorie scorching, high energy cardio and strength building workout that involves a spin bike.  Classes are led by a certified instructor, who use tempo and beats of music to guide students through a variety of cycle moves.  All while having fun and building cardiovascular strength.  

How long are the classes?

Classes run 50 minutes, and include warm-up, ride, cool-down and stretching.  Classes involving the Terracore are 1 -hour long

What if I have never done it before?
Even better! Indoor cycling is targeted towards people of all fitness levels and experience. The student is in charge of their own resistance and speed, so you can work at your own pace and comfort level. Please read the New Rider page for more or email us with any additional questions.
I'm totally out of shape, will I be able to keep up?
Yes! – The only person you need to keep up with is yourself. You are in control of your own resistance and speed. The instructor will guide you to avoid injury, but just remember you do what you can! The more you do it, the better you will get.
Do I need to reserve a spot or can I just show up?
It is recommended that you reserve a spot on our schedule page. Simply sign up for the class you want to take and come on in!

You will need to create an account on the New Riders page before you can schedule a class.

We do not reserve particular bikes, so if you have a favorite spot, get to class a few minutes early to ensure your bike preference.

What should I bring?

Bring your “CAN DO” attitude and your own cycling shoes that are SPD clip compatible.  If you don’t have your own shoes you can rent shoes for $2.00. Regular athletic shoes can be worn but we recommend SPD clip compatible shoes as the experience is best with the correct gear.

Do I need to check in for class?
Yes. Please check in at the front desk before entering class.
What if I need to cancel a ride?
  • Vortex Cycle Studio requires a 4 – hour notice to cancel. You can cancel by calling the studio, through the website, mindbody or the Vortex app.
  • If you do not cancel within the 4- hour window you will be charged a $12 fee if you are a monthly unlimited or you will lose a class from your package.
What if I am late for a ride?
  • If you are not at the studio 5 minutes before class your, spot will be given to a standby person if there is a waitlist for the class
  • If you call and say you are going to be late you have a 5 – minute window to get to the studio and get into class. If you are later than 5- minute you will not be able to attend the class

This is both a safety and courtesy issue to our riders

The room is dark and the bikes are close to each other

How does the waitlist work?
If the class shows full, add yourself to the waitlist. It works! As bikes are cancelled, you will be manually added to the waitlist and you will receive a call or a text. You must confirm if you are going to attend asap. If you do not confirm you are coming it will be assumed you are not attending and the next person will be added to the waitlist.
If I bought a pack, how long until the classes expire?
Expiration dates vary with the pack quantity as follows:

  • 5 Pack expires in 90 days
  • 10 Pack expires in 120 days
  • 20 Pack expires in 180 days

Please do not share packs with your friends. Only one person assigned to each pack purchased.

What amenities do you have?
We have showers, bathrooms, changing room, and also an area to freshen up should you need to blow-dry hair, put on make-up, etc…

We also have a water filtration system to fill up your water bottle.

What is the parking situation?
We are located in the Scholls Plaza strip mall with plenty of parking in the front, back, and side of the studio. Please be mindful of the spots reserved for 15 minutes and/or designated spaces.
Do you have any retail?
Yes! We sell Vortex Cycle logo apparel and cold beverages should you forget yours.

Vortex Cycle Studio

Phone: 503-297-3479

4710 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
Portland, OR 97225

Vortex Cycle Studio

4710 SW Scholls Ferry Rd,
Portland, OR 97225, USA
Phone: 503-297-3479

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