Today you see weight loss programs everywhere you look, on social media sites, TV advertisements, magazine articles and more. Everyone is concerned about looking their best and feeling good. But how do you choose the right weight loss program that will achieve the loss of pounds you need and still leaves your body healthy?

The most intimating aspect concerning weight loss is knowing where to start. You want to find a diet plan that includes healthy foods with the right amount of exercise for your age level. As you near the age of 30 or sometimes it holds off until you’re 40, you begin to find it difficult to stay on a daily routine of exercising.

The reason behind your lack of interest in exercising after the age of 30 is because your body does not recover as quickly as when you were younger. This lack of recovery makes conventional methods of exercising harder, so you find yourself letting your body get out of shape. But the truth is, you don’t have to slow down because your body is telling you that you’re too old.

The best strategy to follow, even as you age, is to stick to a healthy diet and continue to exercise regularly. Make a long-term goal that is realistic and adjust some of your daily habits and you’ll soon find yourself shedding those unwanted pounds. Once you’ve managed to achieve your goals, you have to consistently exercise and eat right to keep those pounds from finding their way back.

Finding a healthy diet doesn’t mean you have to take away all your favorite foods, and you don’t have to start living at the gym. Making a change in your routine and properly exercising will see you losing pounds. Follow some of these tips to motivate yourself and set a realistic weight loss goal.

  • Control your portions. Begin making smaller plates and bowls of food and stop eating once you are no longer hungry. We no longer have to follow the old ‘you took it, now eat it’ rule we grew up with.
  • Stock your cupboard healthy. Resist buying those sugar-filled goodies and turn instead to fruits and vegetables for snacking.
  • Don’t set an unrealistic goal. You can’t pick the look of a favorite celebrity and aim to have a body just like them. Talk with your doctor to find a realistic weight loss amount.
  • Take a walk. You can lose a lot of weight by walking for forty-five minutes a day. Brisk walking will help both your physical and mental health.
  • Avoid foods full of sugar. Foods loaded with sugar generally displace healthy ingredients. Look for foods to provide you with more fiber as they will displace your pangs of hunger much longer.

Bike to Burn

Bike riding is an excellent way to burn calories. Through an exercise program which includes biking, you will see a reduction in your waist, thighs and butt areas. There are programs for cycling to match any age or level of fitness that will help you burn calories and improve your health.

The Vortex Cycle Studio is the perfect environment to ride and sweat with others just like you wanting to improve their lifestyle. They provide you with full training to improve your cardiovascular health as well as reach your fitness goals. All are welcome into their programs no matter your age, ability, or fitness level.


Vortex Cycle Studio

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Vortex Cycle Studio

4710 SW Scholls Ferry Rd,
Portland, OR 97225, USA
Phone: 503-297-3479

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