You don’t have to know how to ride a bike down a city street or along a country roadside to enjoy indoor cycling. Indoor cycling classes are designed to benefit cyclists at any level to boost your muscle endurance, improve your heart health, and help you shed weight.

Many of you may have heard a few of the myths circling around that are keeping you from giving this incredible exercise a try. These are ten of the most common stories out there intimidating beginners that we want to confront and put your mind at ease.


Myth 1

You have to be in shape to start.


You do not have to start out in great physical shape to sit on a bike and pedal. Indoor cycling offers you the choice of setting your own speed and resistance. You alone know what your body is capable of and are in charge of setting your goals. Indoor cycling is not a competition.


Myth 2

Your inexperience will slow down the group.


You can’t slow down the group because no one is going anywhere. There is no track to follow, no goal to reach except your own, and no one gets to a finish line first. Indoor cycling is an individual journey you engage in while part of a group setting.


Myth 3

You have to have biking experience.


You do not have to know how to ride a bicycle on the road to enjoy indoor cycling.


Myth 4

Indoor cycling is too intense.


Your experience will only be as intense as you want.  You are in control of the resistance and speed you want to pedal.


Myth 5

Your leg muscles will become huge.


Your muscles in your legs will definitely become stronger, but not huge. Many indoor cyclists say they experience a more streamlined look to their legs.


Myth 6

Instructions are complicated, and only an experienced biker will understand.


Instructors are willing and ready to work with all individuals and will help you with any terminology you may not be familiar with as well as help you set up your bike. Trained instructors are available to help different people beginning at varied levels.


Myth 7

Unique apparel is required to perform indoor cycling.


Many people choose to wear special clothing for comfort reasons, but it is not required. Some suggestions would be Capri pants or shorts rather than long-legged pants, and athlete shoes with a thick, stiff sole work best.


Myth 8

Indoor cycling is dangerous for my knees.


If you are experiencing knee issues, check with your doctor before beginning an indoor cycling program. This exercise is a low-impact activity without any weight-bearing on your knees as you are seated the entire time. Indoor cycling can strengthen your hamstrings, calves, and quadriceps which all help support your knees.


Myth 9

Indoor cycling is only for the young.


Indoor cycling is designed for all ages. This exercise is beneficial for the young to the seniors with its great cardiovascular benefits.


Myth 10

You have to pedal fast to gain benefits.


This exercise will only be as challenging as you want as it completely an individual workout. By listening to your instructor and paying attention to your body, you will have a workout that is best for you and fun to do.


So even if you’ve never ridden a bicycle before, indoor cycling is the answer for you to get in great shape!


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Vortex Cycle Studio

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Phone: 503-297-3479

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